Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Take A Chance

There are too many people in the world who don't appreciate what they have and there's even more who'd give it all to have what others don't appreciate. When you're blessed, don't undervalue your blessing.

Many of us dream big, but never wake up to actually live the dream(s) we visualize. Only a handful of people can actually say they've had a chance to live their dreams; I want to be one of those few.

The worst hurt to ever feel is to watch someone else live the dream you want(ed) to live.

So wake up, live your life and achieve your dream(s)! You only get one shot at life, so take it! Sitting back, watching someone else do what you TRULY want to do will cause pain & regret beyond belief later on in life. Don't look back & say "What if..?", be able to say "I did.." instead. Trust me, you'll thank yourself. You can thank me later. lol

Be Blessed,


[Phil 4:13]

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